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It’s rather rare when two individuals who have worked together for 20 years can preserve a strong synergy and friendship. Leo and Omar share the passion for their art, as result their music is the perfect match point of two styles.

In 2008 after two years spent in Barcelona, they started playing under the Re-UP alias, becoming the figure heads of Kina Music, where they cultivate pioneering music with warm rolling grooves and a mindful approach to the dancefloor.

Since 2009, their residency at TAG After-party in Mestre became a guaranteed rendez vous with Re-UP in North Italy, helping them to express their natural instinct for wicked atmospheres and developing a special taste in musical selection.

Along their deejaying activity, they run 2 brand new platforms: “Species”, where the duo will release only their music and some collaboration project with artist/friends, and “Where We Met” in which they are part of A&R division.

In 2017 they will be out with a new release on o300f label, starting from there a new and wiser artistic phase.



Territory - France

image and communication by Elastica People